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Follow the adventures of Max, Hanno, Jamie and David – four friends in their mid-twenties, traveling from Berlin to Morocco, trying to reach Casablanca in order to perform at a concert. Setting off with no money, they must fund the road trip by selling their own CDs, giving street performances, and organizing spontaneous musical events along the way.

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In a time when the music industry is steadily in decline, 39 Days aims to show a new, possibly groundbreaking, way of marketing oneself as an artist. The four friends will promote themselves through the internet, sell their CDs independently, and sell self-designed t-shirts. Without a manager trying to organize gigs and increase record sales, the four friends will do it all on their own.

The aim of the project was twofold: 1. To create a website to communicate the concept to investors, and 2. To create a platform for blog/video updates once the journey had started. The website takes inspiration from hip-hop and independent music, street art and youth culture.

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