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“The world in 2023 is fast-paced and highly technology driven, leaving little time for people to reflect upon
day-to-day events. Wellbeing is a topic of great importance, with an increasing number of people turning to more proactive and introspective methods of caring for themselves.”

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Image 1: The Reader showing the interface

  • Penguin 1

    Image 1: The Reader showing the interface

  • Penguin 2

    Image 2: Basic instructions for viewing recorded events

  • Penguin 3

    Image 3: The Clip being worn

The Penguin Journal allows the individual to ‘write’ their own story. It takes cues from the body, capturing only events that are meaningful to the user. By recording frequently overlooked events the Journal provokes thought and reflection – a key essence of the Penguin brand.

The Penguin Journal is comprised of two parts; a Clip to capture your day and a Reader to allow you to reflect upon the captured events. The Clip is worn during the day and can be attached to any item of clothing. It uses technology that detects and records changes in the physical characteristics of the user. These events are stored until they can be viewed on the Reader. The Reader acts as a docking station for the Clip and an interface for the user.

This project was undertaken as a design study while at Brunel University and is in no way affiliated with the Penguin Group brand.

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