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Keywords: Product Design, Projects

The Scheinwerfer is an adjustable and focusable task light. By altering the distance between the lens and the halogen bulb the light can be focused to suit a range of activities and tasks.

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Image 1: Detail of the light

  • Refract 1

    Image 1: Detail of the light

  • Refract 2

    Image 2: Technical drawings

  • Refract 3

    Image 3: The Scheinwerfer in use

The ideation process investigated various ways to alter the distance between the light source and the lens, as well as variations in form and detail. Scale models allowed proportions and surface interactions to be refined while functional prototypes allowed each mechanism to be tested and analysed. Materials and manufacturing processes were considered throughout the design process. This allowed detailed technical drawings to be produced.

The final solution uses an SLR-lens inspired focusing system. The lens is rotated to adjust it’s distance from the static light source. Utilising a lens allows for a lower voltage light source to be used thus reducing energy consumption.

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