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To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the children’s television series “Teletubbies”, concept products were commissioned by the creators of the show to renew interest in the series while expanding the Teletubby brand.

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Image 1: The prototype in use

  • TT 1

    Image 1: The prototype in use

  • TT 2

    Image 2: The Tubby Click Click

  • TT 3

    Image 3: Development sketches

Working closely with BBC Worldwide and child development specialists, the concept of a children’s computer mouse was developed. An otherwise inanimate product, the computer mouse, is humanised by the introduction of Teletubby characteristics to the computer environment. This allows children to be gently introduced to the world of computers and learn fundamental skills for the modern world.

From the early stages of form and design language development issues such as brand identity, ergonomic features and manufacturing processes were addressed. The Tubby Click Click incorporates tactile feedback, in the form of vibration, to create a multi-sensory experience for the child. The form promotes the development of fine motor skills and dexterity. Features such as a magnetic ‘on-cable’ release system increase the safety of the product.

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